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Is it your eyebrow piercing, you wish to adorn with style? Try out our special collection of trendy eyebrow banana, designed to help each one look smart and stylish. Check out our extensive range of super quality wholesale bananas piercings at amazing prices. Wholesale micro bananas are always an eye-catcher, no matter where you choose to wear them to enhance your style. These wholesale bananas piercing jewelry are comfortable and designed to rest well on your piercings, as you bring home the right size. Buy bulk of micro bananas at the best price to add to your collection – these are truly a must for anyone who is fond of body jewelry and wishes to look different and unique from everyone around. Available in every style and design, these wholesale bananas piercing will grab attention and completely change the way you style yourself. These make excellent gift items too – you can purchase a mixed bulk of micro bananas and gift them to anyone who loves body jewelry. Browse through our selection of banana piercing and pick the one which you love – you will surely love to buy a bunch of these to adorn your style.

Go ahead and show off your body jewelry in style!

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