Shipping Information


Typical steps when placing an order for body jewelry with us.

  • Customer places an order. For first time customer we require a Deposit before preparing the order.
  • Our Packing Team will assemble the order from out stock and pass it over to the sales representative who will prepare the Invoice and send it to the customer via email.
  • Customer should than double check the Invoice and proceed with the payment via the link given in the email of the Invoice.
  • Once our sales person verified the payment they will inform the choose courier service to come and pick your package.
  • Immediately once the package has left our offices we will inform the customer about the tracking number.


Shipping Fees, Available Courier Services and Delivery Times

The cost of shipping your order to you depends greatly on the courier you choose and your country therefore below is just a rough estimate based on our past experiences. Once you place your order our sales representative will inform you if cheaper shipping method that the once you choose are available. Regarding the shipping times these days the main reason for delays are not the carriers such as DHL, Fedex or UPS anymore but the custom authorities in each country. For this reason if you live in a country where custom authorities scrutinese incoming parcels strictly we suggest you follow the suggestion of our sales since they have ample experience in shipping body jewelry orders to nearly all countries of the world.


We generally ship via:

Estimated Delivery Time by carrier

Shipping CompanyTime in Working DaysComment

Fed Ex

5-7 days Most affordable carrier for most countries combined with a good customer service makes this one the best choice for most countries


2 -3 days Fastest carrier but with rates which are a bit above the ones from Fedex, In addition to this for some countries their customs clearance is less than perfect


3-5 days Reasonable fast delivery combined with a good customer service and minimal customs problems but with really expensive prices


7-14 days This shipping method only recommendable for some east European countries since there package shipped by EMS will be cleared through customer automatically via the state owned postal service

* If you are not sure which shipping method to choose just select the option "Let the sales representative choose the best option for my country"


Shipping Fee Estimates

Below are the estimated shipping cost to some of the more popular destination as a reference

Destination1 kg2 kg5kg10kg20 kg
Australia/New Zealand - - - - -
United States / Canada - - - - -
Italy/France/Germany/Spain/UK - - - - -
Hungary / Poland / Czech Republic - - - - -