10 Reason why you should buy from wholesalepiercing.com


  1. Our Prices are the lowest of all online wholesalers who sell quality jewelry. Yes you will be able to get even cheaper prices but than either you have to buy directly from factories as huge MOQS and with long delivery time or your have settle for a low quality junk body jewelry. Buying from us means you don’t have to compromise and you will get the good quality you need at the best possible wholesale prices.
  2. Quality. When it comes to quality there is a broad range available on the market from jewelry which doesn’t even deserved to be call jewelry because it is just a lump of unknown strange material to extremely high end pieces of the finest quality. Of course finest quality comes at a price and for professional resellers the question should be what is the quality my customer would like to get and is willing to pay for. We have done our analysis and we present you a quality which is save and beautiful meanwhile still being affordable.
  3. Item in Stock & Ready to ship. With a stock inventory valued at over 3 Million USD and over 2 billon single pieces of jewelry you can rest assured that we will be able to fulfill normal orders to 99% which is our target for every order. This means in order to benefit from our prices you don’t have to sacrifice delivery time either. Just order today and your order will be ready to ship in no more than 48 hours.
  4. Guaranteed Delivery and 15 Days Money Back Guarantee. We don’t cheat and we look for serious long term relationships with our customers. Therefore we place a great emphasis on customer satisfaction and want to ensure that every customer who tries us will repeat after their first order with us.  For this reason we ensure all shipment free of charge against damages or loss and in addition we give you 15 days after receiving the order for you to check the merchandise and if it doesn’t fully satisfy you, you can send it back to us without giving any reason.
  5. You get exactly what you ordered with us. We know that customer place their order accordingly to what they need so this is exactly what we will ship to them. So we give you a our word that we will never ever make substitution of items without your previous approval.
  6. Pay safely via Paypal. When it comes to ordering online safety is important and you can trust no one, so we accept for small and medium order payments via Paypal free of charge allowing you to be protected by PayPals buyer protection since we are a verified seller.
  7. Get Free professional product pictures. Taking and editing pictures is expensive for any retailer so we save you these cost since we provide you free of charge pictures as well as the original PSD files of our product images
  8. Get Product Data free of charge. We understand that entering new products in your own database is time consuming so in order to make things easier for you we provide you free of charge with a product data sheet with basic product information which you can use to automatically update your own database
  9. Professional Sales Person. We are professional working for professional so our sales representative have a deep understanding of body jewelry and shipping formalities and will be able to support you in anything you may require.
  10. Huge comprehensive range of body jewelry with even unusual sizes and colors available. Makes us the perfect primary supplier for your everyday body jewelry needs.