Frequently Asked Questions


Insurance & Returns Policy

Guaranteed delivery:  All orders are covered against loss or damage during the shipping process free of charge. If your order fails to arrive you or is lost during the transit we will reship the exact same quantities as you ordered without any additional cost for you. However should our stock not be sufficient we may refund you partially for any items of which we currently do not have sufficient stock.
Important: This guarantee does not apply in case that the order is placed on hold or confiscated by the customs authority of your country.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee: Wholesalepiercing.com. Guarantees our customer satisfaction.  If the purchased good do not meet your quality requirements, you can contact us with 15 days of the delivery date in order for us to offer you either an immediate refund or a return and replacement for the defect items. But please be reminded of the fact that  we cannot accept any returns without previous approval from your sales representative.



In Wholesalepiercing.com our vision is to offer lowest possible price to all customer who can reach our minimum order amount of 1000 USD.  Should you desire to place very large orders we can offer you additional discounts as below

  • Order over 10.000 USD = Get  5% Discount
  • Order over 20.000 USD = Get  10% Discount
  • For Orders over 30.000 USD we will offer you a customized discount for each order accordingly to the items and quantities you order.

Terms & Conditions of our Discount Policy

  • This discount structure is not to be used in combination with any other kind of promotions or special conditions s you received previously.
  • This offer is valid only for orders done through our webstore. And is not to be used for any orders placed via email or phone.

FAQ and General Information

How long has Wholesalepiercing.com been established?

Wholesalepiercing.com was established in the middle of 2014 and is the business idea  of a European management team with over 10 years of work experience in the wholesale body jewelry industry.


Can you give references of satisfied customer in my country?

Our Customer details are confidential and for this reason we can only provide testimonials in an anonymized way on our website.


My English is not very good, how can we communicate?

This should be no problem since the amount of communication needed is kept at a minimum due to our advanced web store system. Should this not be sufficient you can also email us in Spanish, German and French and the management team will translate the content of your email for the sales team into English.


I want to see prices in the currency of my country. Where can I change this?

On the left side of the website you have the option to change the currency setting.


Is the Body Jewelry sold at Wholesalepiercing.com High quality?

All items on Wholesalepiercing.com are made with very high manufacturing standards. Beside this we also follow strictly the following standards when it comes to materials to be used in the products we sell.

  • All surgical steel Body Jewelry is made from real 316L Steel UNS Grade S31603 also called surgical steel which of course complies with the nickel release test according to European standards BS EN 12472:2005 + A1:2009 + BS EN1811:2011
  • All Titanium Body Jewelry is made from real G23 Titanium and is compliant with the norm ASTM F136-12a. (Implant grade Titanium). However we do also sell some G5 Titanium Items and in this case it is clearly specified in the description
  • All Silver sold via our web store is always 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% purity).
  • Gold Jewelry comes either in 9k or 14k being the gold content always specified clearly in the descriptions.
  • All Acrylic and Bioflexible Body Jewelry is guaranteed free from harmful substances
  • All Organic items come from sustainable sources and are handcrafted by accredited artisan woodworkers from Bali. All these items are also guaranteed free from any chemical substances or dyes harmful to the humans.
  • All items sold by Wholesalepiercing.com go through a very strict system of quality inspections to ensure that only premium quality items reach our customer.


I am not able to find an item I want or the options I needs. Is there any way around this?

With over 5000 items online it may happen that you are not able to find an item even we have it. In this case please contact our sales team who will than let you know the code of the item you need so you can easily add it to your order.

If I order and item and this item is by bad luck out of stock how will my order be processed?

In this case we will simply mark in the Invoice this item with a highlight and inform you about it and of course also adjust the total. We will never ship any replacement or substitute items without written approval of the customer. This means we guarantee you that you will only receive the exact items you have ordered via our web store.


Minimum Order and Samples

What is your minimum order?

Our Minimum order is 1000 USD per order and 25 USD per Option, or the equivalent in your chosen currency.

We can accept a lower amounts for a first sample order to check our quality and to proof that our service matches your expectation but for future orders we cannot accept orders below our minimum order amount since our price calculation are based on large orders and therefore orders with small quantities per option just do not leave us sufficient profit. Once we take into account order preparation cost and other related administrative cost which for each order independently of the amount are more less the same. 

So how can I make a sample order with you?

Simply contact our sales team and provide us with a copy of your business registration. Our sales team will then review your case and decide if you qualify or not for a sample order.

Is it possible for customer to download pictures without the Wholesalepiercing.com watermark?

Once a customer has paid his order and the sales team has shipped it we will change the status of the order on our website to complete and this will allow you to download the pictures of all the items your ordered either as jpeg or as PSD file. Please contact our sales team for additional information.


Payment Options

Orders from wholesalepiercing.com web store can be paid by any of the following methods.

  • PayPal: This method is only accepted for orders under 3000 USD due to the fact that PayPal charge us 3% commission from the amount. In case you can only pay via PayPal you will have to either be responsible for this 3 % fee or send us the money as a personal payment so we will not be charged for it.
  • Bank Transfer: This is the most suitable way to pay for orders larger than 3000 USD, but notice that we will only ship the order once the money has arrived our Bank account.
  • Credit Card: All payments done via credit card are processed through the PayPal website.
  • Money Order (Money Gram and Western Union): We recommend Money Gram because their transaction fees are lower than Western Union’s. We can only accept this for orders smaller than 10.000 USD due to money laundry laws in Thailand.


Duties, Import Taxes, Brokerage Fees, VAT and Other Fees

Any Fee, Import Duty, Import Tax, Vat, Brokerage Fee which the carrier chosen by the customer charges for the delivery of the order is must be paid by the customer. The responsibility of our company for fees ends at the moment the carrier picks up the goods at our office. In the case that the package with the order is rejected by customs of the destination country and shipped back to wholesalepiercing.com, the customer has to be responsible for the additional shipping charges as well as any other additional fees.

Form of Origin

For a fee of 25 USD per shipment we can prepare a Certificate of Origin which for some destination will result in a lower import duty tariff. If you are interested in this please specify this when placing your order.

Made to Order Items

Custom manufactured items
please note that we specialized on selling standard items from stock and for this reason we normally do not accept any request for custom made items especially from first time customers.

How to Contact us

Please use the contact from here or email us at  and we will reply you guaranteed within 48 hours. However we will normally reply your email within 24 hours.
You can also contact us by phone from 10:00am – 19:00pm
Telephone Number: 02629 5267 (country code is 66)



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Bangkok, 10200

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