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Finding a wholesaler who has an extensive range of body piercing jewelry to offer is not as easy as it may seem. There are plenty of wholesalers out there, but they offer pretty generic products that will barely meet your requirements, let alone expectations. We, at Wholesale Piercing, understand the important of meeting your requirements, and this is why we are always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to satisfying our customers. This should also explain why most of our customers do not shop elsewhere and why we come highly recommended. Our wide assortment of products includes nose rings, belly button rings, CBR horseshoes and captive bead rings as well. Considering the importance of needing high quality body jewelry, we do not disappoint in this regard. Our captive bead rings are available in a variety of different sizes and styles and are crafted using high quality materials, including surgical steel and titanium as well. Going through our extensive range of products, it is highly unlikely you will not be able to find what you need and are looking for. What is even more interesting is the fact our products are sterilized which means there is almost nothing for you to worry about while shopping with us. If that was not enough, the prices we offer are not only affordable but will fit well within your budget.

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