Wholesale Ion plated Implant grade 316L Steel Tunnel Plugs

Our range of steel tunnels and tunnel plugs are all about latest style balanced with convenience, affordability, safety and comfortability. We have a special collection of wholesale surgical steel tunnels, anodized tunnel plugs and anodized flesh tunnels in different sections for our buyers. You simply need to browse, select your favorite color and style, and select the size and purchase. It is as simple as that. Besides the tunnel plugs, we have a lot more on offer. What makes tunnel plugs so special? Piercings are generally done on sensitive skin and need a lot of care and should be done by professionals. While buying steel tunnels for your piercings, you need to be careful of picking the right piece, or you might just compromise on your own health. Wholesale anodized surgical steel tunnels are available in many designs and styles. These can be used by anyone as they are totally safe to use. Surgical quality steel tunnels imply they are made from the best quality, are completely risk free and suitable for all skin types. Those who have problems related to sensitive skin, problems of getting infected easily or are scared about soreness can try out wholesale anodized tunnel plugs, as they are totally risk free.

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