About Us


Wholesalepiercing.com was founded in 2014 by a European management team which has previously worked in leading roles with other online body jewelry wholesale websites.  Having realized that all other  wholesale websites where focused towards small and medium customer we saw the need for a wholesale website which would cater exclusively to large customer who are willing to take great quantities in order to get the lowest possible prices without having to order directly from factories and have to endure 1 – 2 month delivery time.

As a new player in the body jewelry wholesale market we know that we will have to fight hard to win the trust of our future customer and therefore we will try our best to impress our customer not only with affordable prices but also by offering a first class service and fast shipping to ensure that they return and become loyal customer.

At Wholesalepiercing.com we believe that by offering a highly optimized order preparation and Invoice process we are able to lower our operation cost and pass this on to our customer as extra savings. For this very reason we concentrate to 100% on online sales via our web store and do not process any email order or request for custom made items. However we do offer full customer service with our sales personnel having extensive product knowledge as well as being well informed regarding customs and shipping peculiarities of most countries of our customers.


Some Aspects which make Wholesalepiercing.com Unique

  • Specialized wholesaler for piercing. We do Piercing and only piercing and we do it good. We are not like some other company where piercing is just one more part of the business.
  • All the jewelry you see in our web store is in stock and ready to ship immediately.
  • Fast order preparation. For all orders except extremely large ones we guarantee that they will be ready to ship within 48 hours and we actually are able to prepare 90% of our orders within 24 hours.
  • We can ship to almost every country in the world, using normally DHL or FedEx but also UPS and EMS, They all with do the customs formalities for you and deliver the merchandise directly to your company.
  • We offer a 15 day money back guarantee on defect items. That means you have 15 days from the date you receive the order to notify us about any defect item. We will then inform you if the items need to be returned to us to qualify for a refund or not.
  • It is easy and saves to pay, since we accept PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Money gram. (Credit Card Payments are processed through PayPal
  • You can use the pictures from our website without the Wholsalepiercing.com watermark and download them from our website once your order is paid and shipped to you.
  • All items pass through a very strict QC process before being kept in our store room and are again double checked when assembling your order.


Insurance & Returns Policy

Guaranteed delivery:  All orders are covered against loss or damage during the shipping process free of charge. If your order fails to arrive you or is lost during the transit we will reship the exact same quantities as you ordered without any additional cost for you. However should our stock not be sufficient we may refund you partially for any items of which we currently do not have sufficient stock.
Important: This guarantee does not apply in case that the order is placed on hold or confiscated by the customs authority of your country.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee: Wholsalepiercing.com. Guarantees our customer satisfaction.  If the purchased good do not meet your quality requirements, you can contact us with 15 days of the delivery date in order for us to offer you either an immediate refund or a return and replacement for the damaged items. However please note that we cannot accept any returns without previous approval from your sales representative.

How to find us?


2nd Floor 253 Tanao Road

Bavornives, Pranakorn

Bangkok, 10200

Tel: + 66 02046 6550