Labret Studs

Labret studs make attractive and fashionable body jewelry. Shop for some unique and the most comfortable labret studs for your ears, lips or nostril piercings and add a new dimension to your style statement. Shop for the latest in BioFlex jewelry, which are just perfect for your piercings! We have a wide collection of wholesale bioflex labrets with surgical steel cones and jewel ball, wholesale bioflex lip labrets with flat head, bioflex lip piercing and wholesale PTFE labrets which will spice up your entire look in an exciting way. What makes BioFlex jewelry so popular? These are completely safe and made from best quality biocompatible plastic, which is totally safe for piercing. Such bioflex lip labrets with flat head or the similar labrets are a smart option when you need your piercing to heal quickly, you do not have time to treat or take care of your piercings. So, these are the best labrets you can buy for your piercings. Interested in buying something else in labrets? Browse what you need through our collection of labrets, available in many different lengths, different colors and designs. Check out more of our body jewelry in wholesale anodized titanium g5 lip labrets and more in wholesale steel tunnels.

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